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By Daniel Breda

My project focuses on the spatial question of the Jewish community in Dutch Recife (1630-1654), its parallel with the building of urban space and its relevance for the social interaction of Jews with the other groups that divided that space. I am interested in comprehending the relations between the model of society expected by the Dutch urban culture and the daily practices of Recife. [Read more]


By Marieke Visser

Last month Jodensavanne was added to the world monuments list of 100 most endangered sites 2000-2001 of World Monument Watch. The prestigious listing signifies the historical value and international recognition of the site. One must ask if Jodensavanne is to be regarded as a potentially great tourist attraction, a unique piece of history, or nothing more than a heap of bricks & some tombstones in a cleared patch of jungle? The answer rises – after translation – from the graves themselves. "Pain instead of song I brought." [Read more]


Still Life: Sephardi, Ashkenazi, and West African Art and Form in Suriname’s Jewish Cemeteries
By A V I V A B E N - U R

The present essay examines from a historical viewpoint the art of selected tombstones from Suriname’s oldest Jewish burial plots, which date from the late seventeenth through the early nineteenth centuries.
Particular attention is given to influences resulting from the interactions of Jews with blacks and European-origin Christians, and Sephardim with Ashkenazim, identities that frequently converged in this frontier society. [Read more]


By Pat Green

In July 1667, the Peace of Breda ended the second Anglo-Dutch war. Under the terms of peace
Surinam was ceded to the Dutch (Zeeland). The Articles of Surrender of the Colony of Surinam were agreed, upon the ship Zealand, on 16 March 1667 and confirmed by the Breda treaty. These articles provided for the British subjects' removal from Surinam, they did not remove. [Read more]


Map showing Suriname Quarters in Jamaica.


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