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Het archief der Nederlands-Portugees-Israelitische gemeente in Suriname tot omstreeks 1864
By R. Bijlsma, 1920

De stichting van de Portugees-Joodse gemeente in Suriname heeft, blijkens de gegevens in het kerkelijk archief, waarschijnlijk in het jaar 5422 (1661/ 62) plaatsgehad. Toen de gemeente enkele jaren oud was, verkreeg de Hebreeuwse natie in Suriname van het Engelse koloniale gouvernement onder dagtekening van 17 augustus 1665 belangrijke privileges, die o.a. ook inhielden vergunning tot vrije oefening van godsdienst en tot het bouwen van "places of worship and schools" op "ten acres of land at Thorarica". [Read more]


By Jeosua Nunes Netto and Joseph Pereira
Published by Dr. J. Meyer, Paramaribo, 1954

During centuries of suppression, the Sephardic community had reacted by building a powerful network of external relations, as well as a high degree of organization within the Jewish community. In this way they were able to react to the willful decisions of European governments with speed and accuracy. The enormous Jewish exodus from Spain and later Portugal was, to a certain extent, foreseen by the Jewish leaders, and had been prepared in advance. [Read more]


Pomtajer: exploring the potential of under-utilized specie in domestic cuisine and gastronomy.
By Karin Vaneker

Dutch artist and culinary journalist Karin Vaneker researches and explores the potential of Pomtajer (Xanthosoma spp.) in domestic cuisine and gastronomy. This venture started in 2003, when someone asked (her) if the highly popular Surinamese oven dish Pom was of Creole or Jewish origin. [Read more]


Rare and Newly Restored 18th-Century Synagogue from Suriname
To Be Highlight of Israel Museum’s New Synagogue Route
By the Israel Museum, Jeruzalem

A newly restored 18th-century synagogue from Suriname – one of only two remaining examples – will be a highlight of the Israel Museum’s newly installed Mandel Wing for Jewish Art and Life, on view beginning July 26, 2010, when the Museum opens its expanded and renewed campus to the public. This rare and striking South American synagogue will stand alongside synagogue interiors from Italy, Germany, and India as part of the Museum’s new Synagogue Route, which will offer visitors the opportunity for a notably rich experience with Jewish ritual traditions from around the world. [Read more]


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