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Education | History Jodensavanne | The Wijngaarde graveyard

The Wijngaarde graveyard

The close relationship of the Wijngaarde family with Jodensavanne is also demonstrated by the small actual graveyard a short distance from the entrance road, also referred to as the “Wijngaarde graveyard” (e.g. basja Wijngaarde). This fourth cemetery, situated within the boundaries of the Jodensavanne monument site is small and seems a continuation of the African cemetery. It is located some 20m from the main road and has actually five graves, all carrying the family name “Wijngaarde”. The most recent funeral was in the year 2004, of Ms Cleota Wijngaarde.

However the fact that this cemetery is not considered of archeological or historic value, it also has its place in the cultural setting, as it represents local values in the first place, and in the second as it is situated within the borders of the monumental site. The local people from Redi Doti, as well from Carolina have stressed the importance of the preservation of this operational cemetery. An explanation for the use of this cemetery is found in the fact that plantation people preferred to bury their deaths “at the other side” of the river. The forefather and founder of the plantation Carolina, Mr. Garcia Wijngaarde, was also laid to rest there. It is likely that all or most of the blacks interred at the Creole cemetery did not live at Jodensavanne, but across the river, in Carolina, Ayo and La Diligence.



(Abraham Garcia Wijngaarde 1823 - 1915)