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Jodensavanne | Our Location



The Historic Jodensavanne Settlement [see map] is located some 50 Kms South from Paramaribo in the District of Para. It can be reached by boat or by car. The Jodensavanne site has a jetty for river boats located at the historic riverside. By car, the site can be reached within one hour, but due to the current state of the bridge, the use of a ferry is needed, which could require an extra half hour, before reaching the monumental area.


The Cassipora Creek Cemetery can also be reached by small river boat or by foot. This first Jewish cemetery is located only 2,3 Km upstream from the Jodensavanne settlement. There is no pier, but it is planned to construct a small one by mid 2012. From the landing site at Suriname River it is only 10 minutes walking to the cemetery. Visitors who come by foot, make a beautiful hike. They pass several pineapple gardens and experience the savanna vegetation.


Interesting settlements and places of interest in the area are:


  • The Redi Doti Indigenous village;
  • Former plantations Carolina and Ayo, located at the left bank of the Suriname River;
  • Indigenous villages Powaka, Pierrekondre and Cassipora;
  • The Cordon Path, a former military defense line;
  • The location of the historic Jodensavanne concentration camp;
  • The Blakawatra recreation resort.